The Others: Marguerite, Karl (x2) and Grin (work in progress; varnishing)

I used my painting hour this morning to wrap up Marguerite from The Others and varnish the set that I started a little over a week ago.

(I don't always varnish, but since these guys are going to be tabletop figures, I'm going to do a nice, thick coat.)

Looking at the set, I am honestly not thrilled with any of these figures (the two Karl figures came out OK, I suppose), and I'm reminded of the old axiom about creative projects that you never really "finish" anything, you just "give up" on it.

(Which axiom I'm pretty sure I picked up from the great Ed Bulak.)

At any rate, here are some shots of these guys on the varnishing bench:

The Others: Grin, Karl (wolf-form), Karl and Marguerite.

The Others: Grin, Karl (wolf-form), Karl and Marguerite.

I'll see about grabbing some macro shots of these guys tomorrow, after they've had some time to dry out and stabilize (their post-varnish tone) a bit.