Primed and basecoated a bunch of figures

Base-coated Kingdom Death
Swashbuckler (sub-assemblies).
Lately, I've been trying to do things in batches.

There's a few reasons for this:

  1. It saves time.
  2. When you're airbrushing, it saves paint. Airbrushes burn paint like no other, but when you do five to ten figures at once (assuming that you want to do a basically similar effect on all of them), you save paint.
  3. It helps me pace myself. Specifically, it gives me a few things to think about and I find that it stops me from working on a wet figure when I shouldn't be or from going faster than I know I ought to.
  4. It helps me plan. More than just checking my general impulsiveness, having a bunch of figures on the bench helps me think about what I'm going to try to do during my next daily painting hour.
At any rate, having just wrapped up the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower figures I started a couple weeks back, I decided to start a handful of new projects.

Hit the jump for some shots of the priming and base-coating of the figures.

Priming. In the left-most cluster, the Captain, Princess and Thak figures from
Conan (by Monolith). In top middle, a female elf archer by Zealot Miniatures.
In bottom middle, the Gryph-hound from Silver Tower. On the right,
Kingdom Death's Swashbuckler.

The same figures (less the Gryph-hound) with their various base coats. The
colors here are from Vallego: Deep Prussian Blue, Beastly Brown, Basic Flesh
and Brown Rose.

The Zealot figure took a spill and lost the top of her bow.
I replaced it with a sliver of wood and some GW liquid
Green Stuff.

This is how that looks after re-priming.