Changing Focus

"Bad News Travels Fast"
In January 2019, I decided that I was going to attempt to paint miniatures for an hour every day.

It is now half-way through August and I have been painting for a solid hour every day. I've missed a few days here and there, but mostly I've kept up.

I have not, however, been keeping up with this blog, so starting today, the focus of this blog is going to change: from here on, it's going to be mostly pictures and very little text in these posts, but the posts are going to increase in frequency.

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As for why I decided to paint for an hour every day, the main reason was the old cliche about how if you want to be good at something, you have to do it for at least an hour every day. I decided that I wanted to be good at painting miniatures (not great, not professional, but good) and figured I would trust conventional wisdom.

Another major factor was backlog: I  moved all my games and figures, etc. into a room and realized, holy hell, I've got a major backlog of figures to work through here. 

Other factors included the fact that I knew my weekly tabletop gaming group was going to be getting into some more miniatures-based games and the fact that I've finally got a permanent painting desk setup.

At any rate, part of the resolution was that I was going to simultaneously maintain a painting/hobby blog where I talked about what I was doing. 

That part...has not gone so well. I've managed a scant four posts in six months. Not so good.

I was reflecting on that this morning and realized that I think the reason that the blogging didn't happen is because of the part about where I talked about what I was doing. In a nutshell, I just don't have time to think of a topic every day and then write about it.

So, from here on out, this blog is just going to be pictures (with alt-text) and maybe some scant notes. I might attempt a longer post on technique or a review of a game or something, but those posts will be few and far between.

I've also revised my painting setup so that it will be easier for me to snap pictures, edit them and upload them way faster than before. 

The ultimate hope is that this lowers the bar and I am able to crank out some posts.