The Others: Marguerite, Karl (x2) and Grin (work in progress; base-coating)

So, this week, I'm continuing to work on the figures from CMON's The Others.

Since we're actively playing this game and since there are a ton of figures, my plan is basically to speed-paint my way through the collection, four pieces at a time.

When I painted the last batch of figures from this game, the characters' color schemes were dark: three of them had black outfits, and the other one was primarily red.

When I base-coated them, I tried to add some blue/pink base tones that I hoped would help give them some depth: figures whose clothes are black tend to come out looking kind of flat, so I started them with bright colors and then layered on the darker tones.

For the four that I started today, the figures are mostly flesh-toned or white and I decided to work up the flesh and the white fur with the airbrush for similar reasons.

As a general rule, I tend to find that, when speed-painting, whatever you do with the airbrush/base-coat tends to be the thing that you see the most in the finished product.

The Others: Marguerite, Grin, Karl, Karl (as a wolfman) (work in progress)

The Others: Karl (as a wolfman) (work in progress), Karl, Grin and Marguerite (Work in progress)

And here are all four pieces, right after priming:

The Others: Marguerite, Grin, Karl, Karl (as a wolfman) (work in progress)