The Others: Pride Controller, Rocco, Rose and Dr Gan (work in progress)

Primed and base-coated some new pieces from The Others this morning:

Dr Gan, Rocco, Rose and the Pride Controller (work in progress)

The Pride Controller is predominantly a dark red/maroon color, so I based it accordingly:
The Others: Pride Controller (work in progress)

The Others: Pride Controller (work in progress)

Rocco and Dr Gan are primarily black (leather), so I built up a bluish grey base coat for them:

The Others: Rocco (concept art)

The Others: Rocco (work in progress)

Rocco has a darker skin tone, so I based his skin with Valejo Medium Flesh and then hit it with a bit of Games Workshop Reikland Fleshshade for depth.

The Others: Dr Gan (concept)

The Others: Dr Gan (work in progress)

Rose is a lot of pale/cool-tone skin, so I based her in a frosty, cool pink color and started building up that skin with Games Workshop Kislev Flesh. I'll probably take her highest highlights (e.g. around the forehead, cheeks, etc.) to a pure white color:

The Others: Rose (concept)

The Others: Rose (work in progress)

You can see in the picture above that I've already created a couple of challenges for myself: I had a bit of a misfire with my airbrush on her left shoulder (clumpy white paint splatters) and I over-shaded her right knee.

Correcting for those mistakes probably will not be too difficult, but it is definitely kind of embarrassing to screw up right out of the gate like this.