Zealot Miniatures: Female Dwarf (work in progress)

I spent my hour this morning putting some detail on the Zealot Miniatures Female Dwarf that I started yesterday.

Well, that's not entirely accurate: I actually spent the first 15 minutes of my hour destroying a $50 Kingdom Death resin.

See, periodically, I get this idea in my head that I've finally gotten to a level where I can paint resin figures--which are extremely physically and chemically delicate--and then, high on my own gas, I start one, ruin it (by breaking pieces off, caking it with paint, etc.), throw it out and then, typically, become frustrated and stop painting for a while.

Ruining resins is, for me, a kind of ritual.

It's an expensive ritual too, and, I suppose this is true of all rituals, it wastes a great deal to accomplish nothing except for setting a mood.

A thing that people mention frequently is that the miniatures painting hobby, like yachting or collecting watches, is a hobby for people who not only have a lot of free time, but who also have a decent amount of discretionary [or just straight up disposable] income.

A thing that is not frequently mentioned is how many figures new and amateur painters destroy on their way to proficiency. Without exaggerating, including 3D prints, resins and hard plastics, I personally have destroyed and discarded probably a thousand US dollars worth of figures in the last four years.

Which is why, getting back to my resin ritual, my 2019 plan is to see if I can teach myself to skip the last bit--i.e. the part where I become frustrated and stop painting--and just stay on the horse. We'll see how that goes: I anticipate waking up still quite butt-hurt about it tomorrow, but I'd like to get to the point where I'm able to ruin an expensive resin and not take a 90 day break from the hobby.

(Maybe some day I'll start working on skipping the part where I destroy the figure!)

Anyway, getting back to the Zealot figure, you'll find that I have managed to make a mess of it, but not quite destroy it (yet): I absolutely ruined the face (by caking it with paint trying to fix mistakes that I made with the airbrush), but other parts of it are still what I consider passable tabletop quality, so I will probably keep going with it.

Happy Saturday!

Zealot Miniatures - Female Dwarf (work in progress)

Zealot Miniatures - Female Dwarf (work in progress)