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The Labor in Vain (TLV) is a production company located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Miniatures Painting

One of the main topics of this hobby blog is miniatures painting. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the painting posts on this blog:
  1. This is not a "pro painter" blog. There are lots of great resources for that sort of thing. Conversely, there are not a lot of  blogs for "tabletop quality" painting, which is what I blog about here.
  2. When I say "tabletop quality", I am talking about miniatures that:
    • use simplistic three- or four-color scheme (including shades, inks, highlights, etc.)
    • rely on basic techniques (such as dry-brushing, shading, etc.) to look good at a distance
    • do not use custom bases or feature complete detailing (e.g. eyes with irises and pupils, etc.)
    • look pretty good at a distance of about two or three feet, but aren't going to win any awards or live in anyone's display cabinet.