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Showing posts from November, 2018

The Five-minute Base-coat

A lot of people thinking about picking up the hobby (or picking it up after a long break) are discouraged by the proliferation of pro-painted figures on Reddit, Twitter, etc. and/or the perception that figures need hours of work to look merely OK.

Hit the jump for a short how-to post on what I call "the five-minute base-coat": it's the easiest and fastest way to get table-top quality figures and my go-to recommendation for folks interested in getting (back) into the hobby!

Dark Souls the Board Game: Bell Gargoyle miniature painting

I was a day-one backer of the Steamforged Kickstarter and, ever since the core game box arrived earlier this year, I've been slowly making my way through the miniatures from the Dark Souls the Board Game collection.
I finished up the Bell Gargoyle today, and I am pretty happy with the results. Hit the Jump for some detail shots and a little bit of commentary.

Review: Deep Madness

Deep Madness is neither a well-designed game system nor a very fun game game to play. Ironically, its core systems and game loop lack both depth and refinement, making for a arbitrary, tedious and ultimately a very boring experience for a table of five players. 

We gave it two full sessions and ended up bouncing off of it completely. Hit the jump for a short review.