The Others: Thorley (work in progress)

If you've ever Googled it, you already know that methods for reducing the salinity of food are various and widely-discussed and debated: evidently a lot of people are over-salting food (i.e. measuring salt the way TV chefs measure salt) and Googling ways to cut the salt content and, accordingly, tons of bloggers, journalists, etc. are out there making recommendations.

(I like coconut milk myself: I always keep several cans of it on hand for the purpose.)

By contrast, if you Google around for ways to make miniatures look less glossy/shiny, you're not going to see a wide variety of opinions. You're going to get these recommendations:

  • Use matte paint (i.e. avoid Games Workshop, who almost exclusively makes really, really glossy paint)
  • Apply a matte varnish
Those are both fine techniques to bring the glossiness down, but in a lot of cases, you have a.) already made the mistake (i.e. can't change your paint/shade choice) and are b.) not finished or ready to varnish the piece.

In such situations, I recommend making an extremely diluted mixture of airbrush thinner and white paint (I'm talking about a 1:20 ratio of paint to thinner) and then, from a great distance, "dusting" the whole figure with it. 

This is my go-to for correcting extreme glossiness after you've started, but before you're done with your figure.

Anyway, I bring this up because I did this with Thorley (from The Others) this morning, and I think I might have saved the day:

The Others: Thorley (work in progress)

The Others: Thorley (work in progress)

Have a look at my last post for some "before" shots, showing how extremely glossy I left him the last time I worked on him.